Customs Clarence

We do complete all customs procedures for goods in Libyan ports, which are the last steps for importing the product to reach you with delivery service to your warehouse or outside the port of arrival upon your wish. Important steps in customs procedures

Knowing the documents and papers required to be presented whether these documents are from the factory or importer for the Egyptian Customs authority and knowing the best types of contracting with suppliers abroad. Ensure that goods imported from abroad conform to customs legislation, standard specifications and quality specified in Egypt before completing the import process. Determine the customs clause from the customs tariff, in order to determine the customs duties and taxes imposed on this commodity, customs clearance costs, customs fees, disclosure and presentation expenses, and other expenses that can be added to the cost due to the need for the customs clearance process. Ensuring that the goods and products are in conformity with the requirements in terms of standard specifications, also ascertaining the data required to be written in Arabic on the product.