Examination and Inspection services

According to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) regulations and specifications.

New Capital Egypt Ltd. – applies all regulations, conditions and Specifications during the process of purchasing products by examining and inspecting the product during its manufacturing and after manufacturing, and to ensure the manufacturer’s papers are correct and conform to the international standards for quality management with the necessity of reviewing the quality certificates from laboratories and companies specialized in the process of examination, inspection and quality review in accordance with international quality standards from the first steps of production until the completion of manufacturing and passing through security and safety factors during packing and transportation and ensuring the authenticity of the product during the shipping process and the quantity of the product required up to the deck of the carrier, the carrier train or the plane as per your choice and we deal with one of the most important and largest examination and inspection companies in the world. This is only to increase the client’s satisfaction rate and give them all the guarantees and certificates for banking transactions and loans without worrying about the product not conforming to the specifications and hesitancy in the purchase process and to provide reports stating the safety and quality of the product and all data on the weight, counting and inventory of the product inside the containers and the container number before the shipment.