Import for third parties

New Capital Egypt Ltd. is honored to provide diverse and distinguished commercial services, which makes us different from others in this field. We have demonstrated our merit and uniqueness in the long run through building bridges of trust between us and our clients.

We import and export all goods for the account of others with speed and seriousness in import operations and we are honored to provide import services from the country which you want to import from, to your warehouses. Yes it is a door to door service in which we guarantee the safety of the products and its conformity with the required specifications agreed upon and stipulated in our contract with you.

We can also accompany you to the country of origin to be imported from and make a tour of all the factories and companies for the products to be imported as a confirmation of our assurance of our seriousness in dealing if you want to open a new market for you and supplying your sales and your customer base, and expand the marketing area of ​​your product and your company…etc.

Through our consultancy and feasibility studies for the market in Egypt for your product, we can be an agent for you and your products / distributors / representatives / branch for your products in Egypt our primary fields  (electronics _ computer accessories _ mobiles _ import and export for others) We are waiting for your offers to open new markets in Egypt.

New Capital Egypt Ltd. take in charge of the completion of commercial deals and contracts with the best means and terms that guarantee the rights of the clients from all world markets China, Europe, Africa and Latin America through a strong network of relationships in these markets and the price is agreed upon between the two parties through a notarized commercial contract guarantee customer rights.